Physician Recruitment Interviewing Best Practices

Instructor:  Allison McCarthy
Course Dates: Open-ended
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Who can Enroll: Anyone
Course Language: English

About the Course

Physician Recruitment Interviewing Best Practices

Physician recruitment interview techniques can range from casual conversations lasting a few minutes to formal meetings - sometimes even as a group.

Most of us in physician recruitment today have had no formalized interview skills training.  But we have been personally interviewed enough to know what a bad interview feels like – and don’t want to subject anyone else to the same experience.  Or we just lack confidence in conducting interviews with these specific professionals – especially because we are trying to sell them at the same time.    

This tutorial is designed for anyone that interviews physicians.  The session provides examples of interview types including sample questions.  A complimentary workbook is also provided to reinforce your video learning.   

Whether you’re a physician, administrator, human resources professional or physician recruiter, there are tips and techniques to help everyone improve their interview techniques.   

  • Focused on interviewing techniques for physician recruiters
  • Excellent information included for experienced and beginner recruiters
  • Helpful for physicians in interviewing other physicians 
  • How to work with physicians on their demands, and not give in to everything they want
  • How to communicate with different genders and generations
  • Red flags to look out for when interviewing physicians 
  • How to pick out positive characteristics
  • Interview planning, what questions to ask and when to ask them
  • Assessing community fit (family structure, ethnicity, age, spouse, etc)
  • Unlawful inquiries based on EEOC
  • A listing of sample questions 
  • How to prepare for and conduct the onsite interview
  • How to identify your interview team
  • Panel Interviewing
  • Questioning techniques, specifically how not to ask "leading questions"
  • Behavioral interviewing techniques

What you will get:

  • Unlimited views and access to the 60 minute recorded webinar
  • Downloadable and printable interactive workbook
  • A copy of the webinar slides for internal use


Allison McCarthy
Allison McCarthy
Allison’s passion is working with hospitals and physician groups to ensure their physician strategy programs demonstrate real value and results. Specifically, she focuses her consulting practice on medical staff development, physician recruitment, new practice on-boarding and retention. The goal is always to educate and inform so that clients are better ...