Getting Ahead of Turnover with New Recruits

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About the Course

Getting Ahead of Turnover with New Recruits

Today’s environment puts ever increasing importance on retaining those physicians we work so hard to recruit.  It’s time to talk about the challenge and what’s being done to ensure we’ve done our part. In this online course we will address:

  • The true cost associated with physician turnover
  • Coordination to make sure everyone knows the new physicians’ expectations
  • Detailed elements of a plan to enhance retention
  • Onboarding roadmap and the components to effective onboarding
  • What is most important to new physicians
  • How to communicate with your physicians and a timeline for new recruits
  • Managing the money challenges
  • How to deal with physician "turf" challenges
  • Practice management details and challenges
  • Who should be handling retention and onboarding
  • Tips for making your physicians experience a good one
  • And much more...

The webinar will address how to organize an effective approach from contract signature through the first two years in practice. We’ll include ideas for effective relationship transition from recruitment to relations and practice management. 

What you will get:

  • Unlimited views and access to the 60 minute recorded webinar
  • A copy of the webinar slides for internal use


Kriss Barlow
Kriss Barlow
A leading expert in physician relationship strategy, Kriss Barlow has deep healthcare experience and an unrelenting commitment to deliver meaningful results to her clients. Backed by 17 years experience as a healthcare consultant, plus clinical and business development experience within organizations, Kriss offers unparalleled expertise in the areas of strategic ...
Allison McCarthy
Allison McCarthy
Allison’s passion is working with hospitals and physician groups to ensure their physician strategy programs demonstrate real value and results. Specifically, she focuses her consulting practice on medical staff development, physician recruitment, new practice on-boarding and retention. The goal is always to educate and inform so that clients are better ...