Four Must-Haves for Physician Referral Development in a Specialty Clinic

Instructor:  Kriss Barlow
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About the Course

Four Must-Haves for Physician Referral Development in a Specialty Clinic

Referral growth can be particularly challenging when you are working with physicians who are invested in the growth of their own practice. .There is a tremendous desire to ask you to run an ad or make a visit with expectations of immediate success.  In this online course from B/Mc Academy we highlight the nuances that make the difference in getting traction for referral growth into a specialty practice. As with most things, it always works best to strategize, put a plan together, then implement and adapt. 

While the course is designed with the specialty practice in mind, there are techniques and approaches that add value for anyone working in the physician referral space,

  • Defining the right audience- their needs AND yours
  • Understanding what works when shifting referrals that are initiated by a primary care doctor
  • Asking the right questions to gate keepers and physicians
  • What PCP doctors look for in a specialist to make a referral
  • How to find the right physicians – or referral source- that can give you new volume
  • What is "spray and pray" and why it doesn't work
  • Clear steps to earn referrals
  • Elements of best practice models
  • Obligations of your specialists- when and how to engage physician to physician relationship building
  • How to manage complaints
  • How to measure the impact

What you will get:

  • Unlimited views and access to the 40 minute recorded webinar
  • Downloadable and printable interactive workbook
  • A copy of the webinar slides for internal use


Kriss Barlow
Kriss Barlow
A leading expert in physician relationship strategy, Kriss Barlow has deep healthcare experience and an unrelenting commitment to deliver meaningful results to her clients. Backed by 17 years experience as a healthcare consultant, plus clinical and business development experience within organizations, Kriss offers unparalleled expertise in the areas of strategic ...