About Us

BMc Academy is the educational branch of Barlow/McCarthy Healthcare Consulting. To learn more about the consulting capabilities of Barlow/McCarthy, please visit our website: www.barlowmccarthy.com.

Our ability to articulate vision for change yields value in many forms.

Value, to us, has many meanings: First, we work together to bring value to our clients, meaning we’re determined to deliver powerful results as efficiently as possible. We also bring value to hospital-physician relationships by creating a shared vision that inspires the team. Achieving that kind of value and more, means we must work and live by our own shared values. Collectively, we care about getting it right and we measure our success by one yardstick, your success:

  • Use fresh approaches and think strategically to solve an organization’s current medical staff challenges, while also looking forward to create solutions to outperform the competition in the long run.
  • Build strong, honest physician relationships by saying what we mean, doing what we say and taking responsibility to achieve meaningful results.
  • Work tirelessly to develop, retain and even help attract the best talent for our clients, as well as foster a collaborative and mutually supportive environment.
  • Leverage the power of our combined insights, relationships, collaboration and experience to deliver exceptional service and help our clients become high-performance organizations.